How to make your child aware of the Corona Virus?
The news update about the deadly coronavirus is on every news channel, newspaper, and mobile news applications, children are exposed to extra information on the pandemic than they should actually be. Such additional and impacting exposure to the news might develop an everlasting fear of death in the minds of kids. Parents are trying their best to reassure that kids don’t suffer from any undue stress and the current scenario of lockdown doesn’t make kids more worried than they already are.
When the entire family is compelled to stay home for over a long period of time and do nothing more but watch television; the only source of information and entertainment right now. The parents are looking out for ways to help their children get introduced to the seriousness of the current situation in the mildest way and manage their fears, remaining aware and alert at the same time? They are wondering how to bring up the topic of Coronavirus in the form of informative and interactive discussions with their children. Here is some advice to the parents on how to approach their kids for COVID_19 discussion and explaining them the potential risks.
Before talking to kids about Coronavirus, make sure that you have a proper understanding of the virus first, with the right set of dos and don’ts. [wp_blog_designer]
1. Experts say parents should patiently listen to their children’s fears rather than dismissing them at once. As a family elder, you must make time for a healthy, interactive and interactive dialogues with your children.
2. First, overcome your own anxiety than help your children to manage theirs. Practicing meditation and deep breathing certainly help you and your family to stay calm.
3. Usually, children are insecure, inquisitive, and emotionally vulnerable due to which they start worrying about their own health. In such cases, parents must keep reassuring their children from time to time and retain their self-confidence.
4. You must take your child’s curiosity about the Corona outbreak seriously and must keep them informed about the facts and figures every day. At the same time you must also make efforts to stay positive by telling your children that it’s just a phase, it shall pass too, provided that we stay cautious and follow the preventive guidelines prescribed by WHO and government.
5. Helping your child differentiate between facts and rumors is yet another important aspect. Being a parent you must introduce them with the authentic source of information and act accordingly.
6. It is also suggested to stay away from the gadgets and news updates, for the benefit of your and your child’s mental health. Try to make a quality family time by playing some indoor games, singing songs and relaxing.
Thus, by following these above steps parents can talk to their children about COVID-19 in the best possible way. By becoming the right channel of information to them, you make them aware of the risks of the pandemic rather than scaring them from the virus spread.