Audio-Visual Room

To build classroom education more effective and motivating, a special Audio-Visual room has been set up with a Projector with Multimedia amenities to facilitate Lectures, Demonstrations, Seminars, etc for the students.

This formulates education and teaching techniques go more in an easy approach for all students starting from class Nursery. We demonstrate some movies & educational CD’s to the students on Nature, Atmosphere, Pollution, etc. or related to subject and life skills as and when we get it.

We pursue it as one of the teaching technique which envisage and make the perception more clear.


Our school has a well-accumulated Library with books that are recreational and educational in nature.Our school library facilitates students attain scholastic achievement as well as enhance their drive to learn.

The research proposes that School Library program and resources play an essential role in the progress of information-literate students.

The School Library provides information and thoughts that are fundamental to functioning effectively in today's information and knowledge-based humanity.

Computer Lab

In this age of Information Technology, an early exposure to fundamentals of computer readies every child for the future and also assist the youngster to overcome any inhibitions they could have towards computer practice.

Our school has one computer lab of 700 sq.ft. Consist of 30 computers with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Science Lab

The School has well operational laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are motivated to utilize these laboratories to discover through experiment. Every time newest apparatus, sample visual aids etc. are acquired for these laboratories.

English Language Lab

It is necessary for any beginner to have a excellent control of the language for communication purpose, with clarity and accuracy being fundamental for effective and efficient communication. In order to develop the right English language and communication skills in all the areas of LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) it is important that these skills are worked upon right from the primary level education.

English Language lab is planned to build up English language skill amongst the learners of English as a second language.The methodology is a blend of Instructor Lead Training (ILT) with a Computer Based Training (CBT), practice and evaluation.

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