“Five innovative ways that help you control your child’s smartphone addiction”

Today is the era of technology and the sapiens are compelled to be carried away with its fascination. The rising automation has made the young blood/ kids a mere tech-puppet. Smartphones are the new age communication devices that control the lives of people of which the most vulnerable victims are our kids and teens. As per the studies, 47% of parents think their child is addicted to their smartphone, which unfortunately is a sad reality. This addiction to smartphones can be a result of various reasons like overexposure to smartphones by parents, negligence by parents, a lack of entertainment, lack of attention, emotional issues, social anxiety, etc. Parents must acknowledge the addiction at the right time and take innovative and simple measures to help their kids overcome it. Here we share a few tips for controlling your kid’s smartphone addiction.

1. Restrict your smartphone usage: A study reveals that, 89% of parents blame themselves and caregivers for the responsibility of a child’s phone use. The children learn from the habits and activities of their elders. If they see you stuck with your phones, they are bound to follow the same. Therefore, to set a good example, you need to limit your time spent on phones, For instance, locking your phones in a drawer while enjoying a movie night.

2. Setup gadget-free zones in the house: You can declare several areas of the house as no phone zones, where no member of the family gets to use their phone. This will help your kid in limiting their cellphone usage and help them in engaging with everyone in the house and learn to live a real-life over digital life. The tech-free zones for any household can be at the dinner table, garden area, bedrooms, etc.

3. Nurture their hobbies or passions: Every kid has a hobby, might be sports, baking, painting, you should actively participate while they indulge in such activities. For instance, if your kid finds art and craft attractive, you can help him in practicing it, arrange craft classes, or play craft games. It will reduce their inclination towards phones and increase their real interaction and metabolism.

4. Dedicate an hour a day to your family: Communication is key to any healthy relationship and as a family, its members need to communicate with each other. Your communication with the kids will bring them close to you and help you to understand their needs and problems in a better way. At night, before leaving for bed, you all can gather in the drawing area and spend some time discussing and giggling.

5. Encourage them to adopt the old-school lifestyle: The smartphone technology has effortlessly replaced alarm clocks, newspapers, books, and gaming consoles, etc. When you allow them to use smartphones for every means, you contribute to their addiction. Work to make them comfortable with the techniques such as using an alarm clock instead of alarms in their phones and reading physical books in place of e-books and help them in staying away from the phones.
Technology is a boon for the upcoming generations but holds the power of becoming a bane too if misused. The increasing phone usage pushes kids towards developing Nomophobia. Parents must follow the above mentioned handy tips to overcome their addiction. The most important measure before everything is your behavior and attitude in dealing with the problem like your calm, affectionate, and understanding attitude. Most importantly, BE A ROLE MODEL TO YOUR CHILD, DECREASE YOUR SMARTPHONE USAGE, and help them to overcome this worldly dependence.