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Chairman’s Desk
As Marie Osmond says, “We can have all the knowledge in the world, but it means nothing without the wisdom to know what to do with it.” We believe that a school is the second home to a child where one can evolve into an ethical and sociable individual. Akshat International School aims to provide an environment that enhances the process of learning and, help them to develop a constructive mindset. The school aims at wholesome development of child and develop the ability to hold their individuality and thoughtfulness towards society at the same time. We abide by the thought that, Education is the asset, once earned can never be lost. Therefore, we strive towards imparting the best of what we have with us.
Education is the foremost tool that can make profound changes in the lives of students. The school imparts education using modern-day techniques, encompassing curricular and co-curricular activities, which results in shaping the capabilities of an individual, to explore and experiment life in the urge of gaining knowledge and wisdom. It plays a dynamic role in imbibing the moral, cultural and social values in the pupil.
The school appreciates and welcomes the diversity and uniqueness of the young minds. We cheer our students to markdown their triumphs by developing their abilities through continuous learning. AIS provides World Class Education fostering the holistic development of the child which comprehends the growth of cognitive, physical, emotional, social and mental aspects. The entire staff of Akshat International School supports the students and encourage their quest and curiosity for exploring and propelling their strengths.

Anand Pandya


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