Chairman's Desk

We believe that education should mould each student in such a way that the spirit of God can also dwell in each. We aim to produce good human being and responsible citizens. We believe that education should help in developing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and eternally. We believe that education should provide inner strength comprised of moral conviction, self-discipline, determination and compassion. We believe that education should foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process.

Knowledge is power. Let us, therefore, try to put our best to unleash this power. This is the age of information in which our mind power dominates the future. In order to be successful in our field, we need to develop the aptitude to learn well and also consistently. I am convinced that our young friends will climb the ladder to success and bring laurels to their alma mater. The international school provides World Glass Education and aims at the all-round development of the child which includes cognitive, physical, emotional, social and mental growth.

Mr. Anand Pandya