Special Activities

Martial Arts

Learning and training in Karate or Martial Arts at our academy helps the child not only to be able to defend him/her self but also prepare the child to face the future with confidence.Training in Karate will help the school students be the best they can be and use their body and mind to their fullest potential possible.


Music helps the mind build up and nurture". Music is science. It is exact and demands acoustics. Music is math. It is based on the rhythmic subdivisions of time, done in a split second. Music is physical education. It requires an immense amount of coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lips, cheeks and facial muscles.

Music is the universal language that everyone understands and can relate to. Music is what brings everything together. It is something that everyone knows.


Arts and crafts teach children to learn in different ways and approach tribulations and challenges artistically. The practice of crafting art assist students get in touch with a different elevation of themselves that they aren't able to access in other subjects like math and science. arts and crafts helps some children use their brains more efficiently.
Arts and crafts help children develop their creativity and imagination. Children who engage in arts and crafts learn to express themselves better.
Art gives a child the opportunity to transform abstract ideas into something concrete and visual.


Opening Ceremony of Swimming Pool of AIS was held on 20th April’ 2013. Guest was CBSE Sports Director Shri Pushkar Vohra Ji and Special guests were Joint Sports Director, Division Ujjain, Shri R. K. Paliwal Ji, Director of Physical Education and Sports Department, Vikram University Ujjain, Shri Nishchal Yadav Ji and Secretary of District Swimming Association Ujjain, Shri Harish Shukla Ji and Patron Shri Balkrishna Pandya Ji, the chairperson Shri Anand Pandya Ji, the Academic Director Shri Sandeep Joshi Ji and the Principal Smt. Deeksha Samak of the institute.
It was inaugurated by the rite and with the demo of the Akshatities.


Skating activities require balance and strength as well as some judgment and the desire to avoid obstacles.skating is popular both as a sport and a leisure pastime. It is enjoyed by spectators and skaters at any time of year. Skating, sport in which bladelike runners or sets of wheels attached to shoes are used for gliding on ice or other surfaces.
It improves a child's physical strength and stamina, activity level in other areas, ability to balance in other simple activities
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